Second Law Of Thermodynamics

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열역학 제2법칙. 열은 뜨거운 물체에서 찬 물체로는 흐르지만 반대 방향으로는 절대로 저절로 흐르지 않는다는 법칙.

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One of the most fundamental rules of physics, the second law of thermodynamics, has for the first time been shown not to hold for microscopic systems.

The demonstration, by chemical physicists in Australia, could place a fundamental limit on miniaturisation, because it suggests that the micro-scale devices envisaged by nanotechnologists will not behave like simple scaled-down versions of their larger counterparts - they could sometimes run backwards.

&From New Scientist link above&

위 기사는 안 읽어 봤지만 맥스웰의악마 얘기 아닌가요?

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