My New Years Resolution

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  1. Earn some money.
    Now it's time for prepareing my future for myself. I think that the going first thing is to be independent with my parents.
    I know the usefulness of money. I know that I need some money to pursue my own dream.
  2. Take a part in JazzDance.
    I like dancing. I like music. I like acting. I want to make a plan of 'Music & Dance Perfomance.'
  3. Project music software, a sort of WaveEditor, development.
    I have some original idea of Hybrid Art mixed fine arts and music. The end of this project is attempting to find out association fine arts and music. Since 1999 I have searched for some clues within these two arts. And this project will be my good results.
  4. Be a Marathoner.
    I always envy those people who have big breathing capacity. Whenever I speak my lines on acting I have trouble with maintenacing my feeling. Control breathing-pace is very important when I speak long lines. And I want to run and run. I guess it is a adventure to find myself out. Need more Adrenalin...Yeah~~~ B)


I would like to be a more organized person. I will never lose this year, 2002. I am to make an effort to be a perfect person to satisfy myself. I am a master of mine. I can manage myself freely.

My resolutions for 2002 : 1. I will be a decent person to everyone, esp. to my family. 2. I will be an early bird. 3. I will do work out at least 1 hour a day. 4. I will throw away my bad eating habits. 5. I will read at least a book a week. 6. I will keep book and movie review. 7. I will be a fluent English speaker. 8. I will be a positive nihilist. 9. I will write a letter to one of my acquaintances a week. 10. I will keep track of my resolutions.

Adjectives to follow : Free, Active, Positive, Objective, Sensible, Frugal, Sincere, Diligent, Slow but Steady, Happy, Beautiful, Charitable, Generous, Even, Warm, Courageous, Kind,...
Adjectives to avoid : Prejudiced, Injudicious, Pretentious, Blunt, Cocky, Saucy, Irrelavant, Stingy, Extreme, Unfair, Tight-fisted, ...


As an individual, selfish and independent human being; I will master 101AmericanEnglishIdioms with my pal in WikiStyle: I will publish my first English Teaching Guide Book for Korean Parents in February and then start a new project: I will get straight As in spring semester: and I will read both natural science books and humanities books.

As a member or leader of a family; I will prepare healthy food for my family. I will spend more time with my kids: I will give strength to my husband and kids: I will settle down in the U.S. society in coming August and study things there: and I will write about it.

I will never stop writing, thinking, studying and exchanging smiles with my dearest friends. And I will always say ThankYou to the world.


  1. I have to improve my english skills.
  2. I have to study bioinformatics, neuroscience, statistics, and mass spectrometry.
  3. I have to master programs and languages including Linux, Python, MATLAB, and SPSS thoroughly.
  4. I have to implement Independent Component Analysis and Neural Network techniques practically.

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