Php Language Summary

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RefactorMe with PhpLanguage
예, 조금 더 정리한 다음 PhpLanguage와 합치도록 하겠습니다. 그런데, 조금 시간이 걸릴 것 같네요. --flammy

다음 내용은 O'Reilly에서 나온 Programming PHP를 메모 한 것입니다. 시간이 나면 더 정리해서 괜찮은 요약을 만들 생각입니다. Php 고수님들 조금씩 도와주세요. :) --flammy

1. Arrays

2. Objects

ObjectOrientedProgramming (OOP) is a paradigm that relates the data and the code that works on the data. So it is not something that depends on the language, but it is a way of programming.

2.1. Terminology

Different literature uses different terminology for the same concept.

* Class is a template for building objects.
* Object is an instance of a class. For example, there is only one int type, but there can be many int data.
* Properties are data associated with the object.
* Methods are the functions associated with an object.
* Debugging and maintenance of programs is much easier if encapsulation is used: only allow access to the properties through methods of the class. In PHP, encapsulation is not enforced by the language, but it is a convention.

2.2. How to use an object

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