Situated Learning

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SituatedLearning : Legitimate Peripheral Participation

이 책에서 소개되는 참여 학습 이론(SituatedLearning Theory)은 깁슨과 비갓스키에 전통을 두고, 최근 구성주의(Constructivism)의 한 흐름을 이루고 있다. 여기서 말하는 참여 학습이란, 실생활에서의 사회적 교류와 참여에 기반한 학습을 말한다.

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... The point of the book is that the best way to learn complex skills is to be part of a team working on a problem. If you are a novice, you should do low-level grunt work that is a necessary part of the job, not just exercises. You need to work with experts, to see them work and have them criticise your work, and to gradually build up your expertise. The reason why apprenticeships work better than classroom learning is that expertise is more than just learning a bunch of facts, it is learning a way of thinking. Learning a new way of thinking makes you a new person. Learning a new fact does not. You learn a new way of thinking by being placed in a situation where everybody thinks that way, and gradually learn to speak their language. ...

... Programming is taught backwards from this. First we stuff students' heads with facts. They get some practice in school; the better students get a lot of practice and can actually understand the facts we stuff into their heads. But the practice usually comes from summer jobs or student-run projects (writing the next great game, or building a web site for a favorite rock group) and school not only doesn't encourage this, it discourages it because of all the work placed on students. So, most students don't really learn to perform well until they graduate and start to practice and to work with experts. Students who practice but DON'T work with experts learn much slower, and often never reach expertise. ...

&''Ralph Johnson's Review from Wiki:LegitimatePeripheralParticipation''&

교육이란 명제와 사실 집합을 학생의 대뇌에 주입시키는 것이라는 기존의 관점에 대해 반대의 입장에 서서, 사람 간의 소통, 사회 활동을 통한 "도제식 학습"을 강조하는 수작. 이 책의 주장에는 심리학, 사회학, 사회언어학, 언어교습이론 등이 관련되어 있다. 이 책과 Pete McBreen의 SoftwareCraftsmanship은 일맥 상통하는 부분이 많다. 특히 ApprenticeShip(도제살이)의 강조라는 점에서. --김창준

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