Nosmoke Manifesto

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한글판은 노스모크선언문을 보세요.

Autonomous Evolutionary System

We evolve as we wholly rely on the autonomous thinking of each individual. Collective decisions dictate the NoSmokian course of action. NosmokeManifesto itself is changed collectively by NoSmokians.

Spirit of the Interconnected

My action has an impact on others, which impacts me back as a loop. We believe that we are interdependent with each other.


We strive to elevate the systems to the level of softness and flexibility, distancing ourselves from a predetermined and fixed system of thought that values convenience.

Open Practicality

Openness and practicality is the motto of the NoSmoke.

Hybrid Knowledge

NoSmoke wants a knowledge to meet another one. NoSmoke, with collective intelligence, aims to attain individual specialist knowledges and hybrid of them at the same time.

main translator : Jimmy2001

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