No Smoke

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한글로 노스모크

NoSmoke is a Wiki site in Korea. It is the first and the biggest public wiki site in Korea. It has been shown in several national daily newspapers and magazines.

We have a set of rules that define the topics we discuss. They are meta-rules.

  1. Basically our life, culture and culture production (NoSmoke's subtitle is "no-smoking culture producers' society"; no-smoking does not mean prohibition of a specific physical action, but it metaphorically means understanding the interconnectedness of ourselves and caring for other people)
  2. the topics related to the surviving (not deleted and existing) pages now
  3. anything that has enough communicability and persuasiveness to become a topic of NoSmoke in the future.

However, we don't like to become an encyclopedia(ThisIsNotAnEncyclopedia). It's half open and half closed like any living thing. You can imagine an open cafe where people come and go to talk with other people freely. The identity of NoSmoke is defined and changed by NoSmoke OnSider.

ThisIsNotYourNotepad, either. We pursue ForUsAndForOthers(우리와남을위해), instead. We practice CelebrationOfDifferences, and hybrid knowledge(잡종적지식) across all disciplines, art or science. Our motto is AsDeepAsPhilosophyAndAsHighAsArt.

Currently(as of 2002), we are talking about cultural topics, political issues, evolutionary biology, computers, philosophy, psychology (evolutionary and cognitive), law (esp. cyber-law), medicine (eastern and western), education, linguistics and so on. We advocate hybrid-knowledge, transcending boundaries between all disciplines.

There are singers, designers, painters, computer scientists, medical doctors, lawyers, college students, house-wives, teachers, middle school students and etc. The total number of pages amounts to 7631 pages. A couple of thousands visit our site in a day, and active core writers are just half a hundred yet.

It's mainly in Korean but you can come and open up a page in English so that other people can write there in English as well. We do have high school English teachers as well. See also NosmokeGuideForEnglishSpeakers.

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