Ward Cunningham

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위키위키, DesignPatterns, ExtremeProgramming 및 기타 중요 컴퓨터 패러다임의 아버지. 최근 TheWikiWay 출간.

RonJeffriesKentBeck이 자신의 스승이라고 일컫는 사람.

I was visiting a client at the same time as Ward was. One of the younger developers came into the room with a question: "I needed such and such, so I put a method like this on this object, was that OK?" It wasn't, and I said so. Ward said, let's do a CRC session.

The developer laid out the cards and showed where the change was made. It wasn't the right place, and I said so. Ward picked up the cards, asked questions; the developer answered. After a while the developer said, "so it should go here?", and pointed to the right object.

I was half-way home before I even realized what Ward had done. It was over a month ago, and I'm still not over feeling clumsy. How such a big man can dance so smoothly, I'll never understand. Amazing. -- RonJeffries, maybe from OriginalWiki

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