Magic Story Book

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노스모키안들이 함께 만들어 나가는 영어 이야기입니다. 형식은 공동소설인데, 영어로 쓰고, 목적은 영어 쓰기를 겁내지 않게 되는 겁니다. 한 사람이 너무 많이 쓰면 재미없으니까, 적게는 짧은 문장 하나에서 많게는 한 문단 정도로 주고 받으면 좋을 것 같습니다.

질문의공책처럼 일정한 내용의 이야기가 완성되면 짤막하게 마감하고 새로 시작해도 좋을 것 같습니다. 실험삼아 이 페이지에서 시작해 보고, 성장하면 페이지를 나누죠.

아주 못알아볼 정도로 구조가 심각한 문장만 알아볼 정도로 손을 보고, 웬만큼 사소한 실수는 아무나 손을 보도록 합시다.

November Story

In the kingdom NoSmokia by the sea lived a boy whose name was 'NatureBoy'. He lived alone. So he was very, very lonely. One fine autumn day he finally decided to go on a journey to find himself. He thought it would be great to have a company on the journey. So he visited his only friend, HeavenGirl. She said to her father, "Nature is calling me."

They were just sixteen and outside of the kingdom NoSmokia was dangerous because of war. So her father Itineris said "Journey? OK. But you need somebody who can protect you and NatureBoy from bad guys."

"Hum-hum, Sir. Lion! Could you be with my lovely daughter for the long journey?" There came Lion, retired from the magic world - Disney, who has the power of natural magic that has not been controlled well. "Sure! Without me, the journey would be boring." "You, such a good Bayard, please be with those little creatures."

With Lion, she visited NatureBoy's house to plan their first journey. On her way to NatureBoy's house, HeavenGirl came across a strange man with hair too long in a pure white coat. He said, "Do you know about Tao?" :) Then comes out the great natural magician Lion, and he said, "Do you know about Disney?" B)

"Whatever Disney may be, it can not be more powerful than Tao. Thus, I know no interest in it whatsoever. Tell you what, Tao has many different names. Pure wisdom is one example, and Happiness, which many people including you, are desperately in search for,is another. Disney, which you named a minute ago, could be another, which I don't think sounds as elegant as the two names that I mentioned earlier. Hm. Anyway,I would like to invite you to our Taoians' party, if you don't mind. It is scheduled on tomorrow night" a strange man said while handing an invitation card to HeavenGirl, who would not take it.

"Ah, one thing that you should not forget. We take charges. 1,0000 Korean Won per person will be appropriate. The more? well, the better. However, since you are under 20, we can give you a discount up to 50%. If you bring your friend, we will also offer you another discount up to 50%, which means you can enter free of charge. We will have a special ceremony on that night, wearing toga and drinking nectar. So, join us. You might have a chance to experience Tao and might be a blessed Taoian" a strange man said grinning and disappeared right away.

"What the heck is he talking about dear Lion?" asked HeavenGirl. "Never mind. There are a lot of strange guys here. Just ignore him and let's hurry up to NatureBoy" replied the handsome Lion.

"Hey, sweetheart! Come and look what I've got."" When Lion and HeavenGirl arrived at NatureBoy's house, NatureBoy showed them something.
That was the invitation card! NatureBoy was excitied because of the party. "I've never seen the party like that. Doesn't it look cool?"
Lion tried to say something but NatureBoy couldn't hear anything. "Why don't we visit and enjoy this party? We can make journey plan after that."

AnswerMe 흐름상, 자연돌이의 집에 도착해서 자연돌이와 만나게 되면 아래의 분기는 의미가 없습니다. one 분기를 보면 자연돌이가 없어서 어디 갔는지 찾는 내용이 나오는데, 이미 자연돌이와 만난 상태에서 분기를 하면 흐름이 깨지죠. 제가 잘못 이해한 것입니까?

When they arrived at NatureBoy's house, they found either one of
  • A big P on the wall -> go to MagicStoryBookOne
  • A small pea on the table -> go to MagicStoryBookTwo
Just read on if neither.

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