Magic Story Book One

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continued from MagicStoryBook

yeah... It was a really huge P on the wall. Don't you think? "Hey, it's screaming for our attention." HeavenGirl meticulously articulated the big letter. And poof! or was it peee? (Lion was quite confident the sound was Peee not Poof, whereas HeavenGirl thought the other one was right.) They heard a strange sound. Something was just happening there.

"OH, that's Puff, the magic dragon."

Hey girl, it was Peee!

"Well, if you insist... But Nature will tell us. He might be related to this weird and mysterious sound, Puff, Poof, Peee or whatever."

"Alright! But, where IS NatureBoy? Where did he go?"

The strange sound approached while they were looking around the room. Thump! Thump! Thump!

"Listen...something is wrong. If you are in danger, try to articulate 'DRAGON'S TEETH'.The CONJURATION makes you a lot of lifeguards. They will save your life from the danger in place of me." said Lion with depilating his vibrissa.

"Thanks, dear Lion...." She replied, with an incredulous smile.

"Dragon's teeth....Dragon's teeth....Dragon's teeth...I will never forget it...Dragon's teeth.."
HeavenGirl repeated words that Lion told her to memorize it. And the strange sound approached closer. Thump! Thump! Thump! And suddenly, the door of NatureBoy's cottage opened and there came a Blue monster whose head was as big as the door. The blue monster just peeped in and said , "Hello" to HeavenGirl and the lion.

"Oh who are you?" asked HeavenGirl.

"Well I am BlueTooth."

"BlueTooth? Is your tooth blue?"

"Well, well........Yeah, of course my one and only tooth is blue. So my master calls me 'BlueTooth.' I am here to invite NatureBoy to my master."

"Your master? Who's your master?"

"My master lives OverTheRainbow. He's in trouble now. His daughter is very sick and so he sent me for NatureBoy. NatureBoy can cure her 'cause he's very wise." winked BlueTooth.

"Yeah, we know NatureBoy is very wise though he's a little bit shy. Sometimes he looks sad. Anyway we are also here to see NatureBoy to take a journey to somewhere we don't know. But, he's not here. I wonder where he's gone...." HeavenGirl murmured.

At that moment, the letter P inscribed on the wall began glowing
and a voice filling the house.

"Here I have Nature taken."

Puff the magic dragon said silly and fearfully of the voice.

"I have ever heard this voice. I know this is dark master of Eden."

Times before, Puff had listen to his master quarreling with someone over magic plate.

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