Why Not Me

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Have you ever tried something that looked quite impossible for you to achieve? Jack did that, and Jill did that. And WhyNotMe?

1. To Be a Musician

I always think that I have nothing special and gift is not mine. I went to school only to do parents & teacher's task. Music, drawing, composition and so on is far from me. The music only I know is songs of Music Text book.My elementary school days gone away like that. Home and school is the two parts of my own world.

When I'm in middle school I encountered a great song. I lovely listened to the music. The rythm and melody is not that I ever know. The song drive me crazy. It got me rolling up and down. I thought I wish to make a song like that. So I determined to study music. After that experience I started to compose, but It's a very difficult and heavy. Though I spend about one year to my project, nothing improvements. Finger ache, head ache, heart ache let me down. Finally I throwed them away and crashed my guitar. I feeled so bad mood for few months. I forgotten music. I killed my dream.

I thought that was the end of my desire.
But, after few years passed , when I was in military service the zest for muisic was about to rebirth.
Whenever I feel pain and fragile in a drill ground I shouted to myself. "Why not me?" "Why not my music?" "Nobody take my music by force !! I'll be the musician at any costs. " Never endure the pain by clenching my teeth only but brainwashing myself by music. Finally that saved me and became my spirit. I overcame everything with music.
Music is my blood.

I'm going on. And That Never End. :)

절대적동의한표 --musiki

2. I Decided to Join the English Club

3. They Ignored Me and I Won Over It / School

When I was just finishing military service, I had a plan to study hard. It was difficult but then it showed me the way how I can enjoy studying. Anyway, the matter was not me, it was the people around me. Specifically my seniors thought that I was a lazy student. They didn't recognize my change, even thougu I did!!! That discoureaged me sometimes.

When I decided to go Postech, seniors laughed at me - now I think it was natural ^^ -. But the concept WhyNotMe gave me the strength to go on. I studied hard, very very hard and finally got through it.

I think the concept WhyNotMe gives people courage to venture something. In this case I think Efforts to maintain the courage is more important

4. Inline Skate !

In school I'm pretty sure you share the same experiences that your teacher asked you write down your hobby or something you are good at.Do you have some? My answer is no.Oh I better say "my answer was no." I was shy boy who didn't have many friends.I am the same anyway.So I bought a inlineskate.It was the most expensive toy I've ever hac.My mon and dad said "you're not a kid." It was harder than i thought.I almost have my wrist broken. I watched 6,7 year old kids riding the skate freely.I said why not me.Than i tried to get a kind of job that i could work wearing the skate.Luckly I got a job at big,supermarket.If you wonder what kind of job is it go to the Carrefour and check boys in the red.Almost 9 hours a day.5 days a week.For 3 month.Now I can say I am able to ride the inlineskate.

5. Interpreter's Dream Came True

Last year, there was a festival in a university. I was supposed to interpret Australian musical performers in their workshop. I just prepared some information on their traditional musical instruments and a few questions. But there would be a TV interview with them without an interpreter. The festival official asked me to do that saying it would be simple. I have never interpreted on the stage to be transcribed. But there was no option. Without an interpreter, they could not do that. All of a sudden, I thought, 'Why not me?' I abruptly arranged my mind and made it under the dazzling spot light. People around me said I looked confident and professional, even though I was timid and shameful inside. At that time, a why-not-me question gave me courage.

6. I Am Entering A Graduate School

7. Quitting from Failing

I'm accustomed to failing rather than succeding. For example, I made a plan to go to the POSTECH in the middle of the last year. It seems to me very hard. It requires me to be in the top 1% of testers of annual SAT - but I'm in just 3% at a mock test. - I studied hard anyway, but the result was terrible. There is another example. I set up a plan to exercise in the morning regularily, did it for three or four days, something happned, then I quited. This situation is familiar to me. It repeats again and again.
I want to break this, increase my ablity, and use all my capacity. In the Nosmoke, I find many I want to model myself on. They have as much ability as I can't see "impossible". Maybe the concept WhyNotMe helps me for my challenge.(Perhaps I missed the point. I wanted to tell a success story...)
I am telling you you got the point. Tell us your success story later Mr. Grisys! B) Anyway...you know what? You Are my hero..

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