Structure And Interpretation Of Computer Programs

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보통 SICP나 JargonFile:Wizard Book (JargonFile에 등록됐을 정도로 유명하다)이라고 불린다. MIT에서 컴퓨터를 전공하는 학생들이 처음 듣는 수업 중 하나로, Scheme을 사용한다.

전문이 온라인( )에 공개되어 있다.

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Those who hate SICP think it doesn't deliver enough tips and tricks for the amount of time it takes to read. But if you're like me, you're not looking for one more trick, rather you're looking for a way of synthesizing what you already know, and building a rich framework onto which you can add new learning over a career. That's what SICP has done for me. I read a draft version of the book around 1982 and it changed the way I think about my profession. If you're a thoughtful computer scientist (or want to be one), it will change your life too.

--Peter Norvig from AmazonDotCom book review

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