The Power Of Knowledge

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노스모크영어토론모임에서 2002년 3월 9일 함께 읽고 토론한 부분. 지식의 중요성을 새삼인식하고 우리도 새로이 다짐을 하자고 약속.

The Power of Knowledge
Let's do something constructive about education.Let's stop concentrating on brick and mortar,skyrocketing budget,Federal grants.The costs soar but but the SATs sag.Let's concentrate on the finished product of education- the student.Let's get back to the thirsty,the hunger,the gratification,the ecstasy of learning that drove young Abe to walk miles to borrow books and devour them in the flickering light of fireside.What a great day for this country if every student in America signed this pledge (and it won't add one penny to your taxes.)


1.I now realize that the greatest power in the world is the power of knowledge.

2.I want to be smart.Dumb,misinformed people go through life missing so many rewards that could be theirs.

3.I will learn my basic skills and be expert in them.

4.I will read boks on the subjects that interest me most.But I will also read books and articles on other subjects to broaden my awareness of what is happening in the world around me.

5.I will discuss at dinner time what I have learned or questioned at school today.

6.I will study the ideas and dreams of our history to see how they can help me today.

7.I will set aside some time each day to think about my future,to discuss it with people I respect and to work on accumulating the knowledge that can guarantee that future.

8.I pledge this to those who love me and are trying to help me succeed.More important,I pledge it to myself.|}}

Student name

Teacher(I'll help you)
parent/Guardian(endorsed with great love)

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