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This is the NoSmoke bus stop. You are now in the Korean part of the wiki world. NoSmoke is the first and largest Korean wiki community. Currently it discusses and focuses on our life, culture, and culture production. BTW, we do have smokers, heavy smokers and you can join in even if you are a nonsmoker -- NoSmoke is different from no-smoking and we differentiate ourselves as NoSmokians. Take your time to look around. (see also 광버스정류장 in Korean/한국어)

The buses ...

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... depart anytime you're ready to leave.

Famous sites to visit here at the NoSmoke wiki:

FrontPage of NoSmoke. You see the mascot of NoSmoke, Nomoky(노모키).

At the 1000th page commemorative party(천페이지파티), 9 people agreed on the original script of NoSmoke's manifesto using PaperWiki. It has since been changed incrementally, but the spirit still remains.

Appropriate topics in NoSmoke. You can see three (meta)rules for the topics. NoSmoke has no explicit boundary in its discuss topics, but nor is it an "anything goes" world. We do have meta-rules that state topics and manifesto that describe our principles but they are all self-referential as to be free to modification by any OnSiders.

Wiki sites in Korea. There are links to more than 50 wiki sites on the page. NoSmoke has triggered or helped their birth directly or indirectly. We believe NoSmoke has been the birthplace of most Korean wikis.

In case of questions or problems: turn to the MeatBall:BusManagement.

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