Signal To Noise Ratio

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신호 대 잡음 비율. 주로 정보과학(Information Science/Theory)나 통신 쪽에서 사용되는 개념. 여기서 신호란 유의미한 정보를 말하고, 잡음은 의도되지 않은 쓰레기를 말한다.

signal-to-noise ratio
&from analog electronics& n. Used by hackers in a generalization of its technical meaning. `Signal' refers to useful information conveyed by some communications medium, and `noise' to anything else on that medium. Hence a low ratio implies that it is not worth paying attention to the medium in question. Figures for such metaphorical ratios are never given. The term is most often applied to Usenet newsgroups during flame wars. Compare bandwidth. See also coefficient of X, lost in the noise. &''from Jargon File''&

TransformNoiseIntoSignal : 일반게시판이나 여타의 인터넷 미디어의 경우, SignalToNoiseRatio가 상대적으로 매우 낮다. 반면 위키위키다큐먼트모드에의 선호나, 문서구조조정 등을 통해 매우 높은 SignalToNoiseRatio를 달성한다.

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