How To Builda Wiki Community

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한국의위키위키열린세미나에 있었던 김창준의 How to Build a Wiki Community 강의 자료


  • The Intelligence Advantage : Organizing for Complexity by Michael D. McMaster
  • ExtremeProgramming Explained by KentBeck
  • TheSecretsOfConsulting
  • by Peg Neuhauser et al.
  • Seven Life Lessons of Chaos John Briggs and F. David Peat
  • The Next Common Sense by Michael Lissack and Johan Roos
  • Online Communities : Designing Usability, Supporting Sociability by Jenny Preece
  • LeadershipAndTheNewScience by Margaret J. Wheatley
  • Life at the Edge of Chaos by Mark D. Youngblood
  • TheWikiWay by Bo Leuf and WardCunningham
  • The Complexity Advantage by Susanne Kelly and Mary Ann Aliison
  • Strategic Thinking and the New Science by T. Irene Sanders
  • How Hits Happen by Winslow Farrell
  • The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell
  • Becoming a Technical Leader by Gerald Weinberg
  • AreYourLightsOn
  • Working Knowledge by Davenport and Prusak
  • Design for Community by Derek Powazek
  • ReluctantLeaderReluctantFollower (draft) by KentBeck
  • A Pattern Language by ChristopherAlexander
  • In Search of Excellence by Thomas J. Peters and Robert H. Waterman, Jr.
  • Harvard Business Review on Knowledge Management
  • Enabling Knowledge Creation by Nonaka Ikujiro et al
  • CrossingTheChasm by Geoffrey Moore
  • Real Power by James A. Autry and Stephen Mitchell
  • A Timeless Way of Building by ChristopherAlexander
  • HowBuildingsLearn by Stewart Brand
  • Community Building on the Web by Amy Jo Kim
  • The Power of Learning by Klas Mellander
  • 카오스의 날개짓 by 김용운
  • 복잡계 경제학 by 브라이언 아서 외

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