Mattis Manzel

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Mattis Manzel

  • 독일인 작가, 인터넷 운동가, 60년 베를린 출생
  • German writer, internet-activist, born 60 in Berlin
  • Deutscher Schriftsteller, Internet-Aktivist, geboren 60 in Berlin

  • Mail:
  • Jabber:
  • Homepage: (free eBook download/무료 이북 다운로드)

  • "인간지성을 더 유익하게 쓰기위한 아이디어"
  • "Idea for a better use of human intelligence" (German, English)
  • "Idee für einen besseren Gebrauch menschlicher Intelligenz"
  • On other wikis
  • 글로벌 플래쉬몹에 약간 도움을 주었습니다.
  • I help on global flash mob a bit
  • Ich helfe ein wenig bei Global Flash Mob
  • 저는 독일어와 영어를 말하고 읽을 줄 알고, 불어, 이태리어, 노르웨이어는 할 줄 알지만, 잘은 못합니다. 한국어는 전혀 말하거나 읽을 줄 모릅니다.
  • I speak and read German, English, poorly French, Italian and Norwegian. I speak and read no Korean.
  • Ich spreche und lese Deutsch und Englisch, sehr mäßig Französisch, Italienisch und Norwegisch. Ich kann kein Koreanisch.

  • MultiLingualCommunication을 시작했으며, 여기에 있던 내용도 그 페이지로 옮겼습니다.
  • I started and copied content from here to
  • Ich habe begonnen und Inhalt von hier dorthin kopiert


Es freut mich :) I had studied "deutsch" in high-school as a 2nd foreign language, but I can speak only few sentence :( .
Anyway welcome!! --Gravi

Guten Morgen! (From here, in English) I'm same as Gravi as above he wrote. --최종욱

What a friendly welcome. How is the weather in Korea? (hanguk, nalci oetaeyo?) And how to say write (한국 날씨 어때요?) "thank you (Gamsa hamnida,감사 합니다.)" in Korean? I might need that, 'know? Ah ya: Thank you. --MattisManzel

Thank you for visiting my homepage (홈페이지분류=Category Homepage). It is a pleasure for me to see my English sentences corrected there. Do it for everybody for a more attractive NoSmoke. ^.@ Nice to meet you! --Roman

dudleduel; ~ ErnstGruber

Hello Mattis, how are you? Why did you stop contact? ~ best ErnstGruber

Why did I stop contact? I am quite busy with my new multilingual pages these days. There is something going on in Wikiland. Your persistance with Om... makes effect. This and many other stories are about to spread in clever peoples wiki-minds. Talleyho! MattisManzel

홈페이지분류 <- Category Homepage

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